eFOGGER is a fast acting, ready to use deodorizer designed to eliminate malodors due to organic contamination, such as mold and mildew. eFOGGER encapsulates airborne organic contaminates leaving a clean, fresh, lemony scent. This chemical is non-corrosive and non-toxic, making it safe for most surfaces.

ClenzO2 is an environmentally friendly surface cleaner and restorer. Designed to be plant, animal and child-safe. Does not require hard scrubbing or power washing. Clean all masonry surfaces including concrete, brick, block, clay tile, marble and more! Scientific formula is hydrogen peroxide based and leaves no toxic residue.


Clenz-O2™ is a scientifically formulated multi-surface cleaner and restorer. Clenz-O2™ was designed to work with mother nature to clean and restore masonry surfaces without pressure washing or scrubbing. Clenz-O2 is non-toxic and safe for use around plants, animals and children.