GreenOx Orange Blast

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GreenOx Orange Blast™ is a heavy duty industrial cleaner degreaser derived from natural citrus solvents. This formula is scientifically designed to quickly remove heavy grease, smoke & soot, carbon deposits and other tough soils and stains. It works well even at extremely high dilution rates. GreenOx Orange Blast™ contains no hard abrasives, acids or bleach.

GreenOx Orange Blast features:

  • Natural citrus solvents
  • Works on contact
  • No scrubbing required
  • Non-toxic
  • Contains no acid or bleach
  • Deodorizer and cleaner

GreenOx Orange Blast can be used on:

  • Heavy grease and fats, traps and drains
  • Smoke & soot stains
  • Soap scum
  • Rubber burns
  • Floor finishes
  • Black heal marks
  • Dirt and grime
  • Printer inks
  • Carbon deposits
  • Adhesives
  • Oils
  • Tar
  • Graffiti
  • Dumpsters

GreenOx Orange Blast is available in 5 gallon pails.