Outdoor Wood Items You Might Forget to Clean and Protect

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Benches, arches, and outdoor flowerpots all require regular cleaning, and sealant to help keep the wood from deteriorating and breaking down.


Most of us remember to clean and protect outdoor features like the deck or the house’s exterior, but smaller outdoor wooden features are all too easily forgotten. 

While wood is a long lasting and durable material, it requires upkeep and maintenance to keep it in good condition and looking its best. If not properly cared for, wood can quickly begin to develop mold, and if left untreated, will quickly start to rot and deteriorate.

If you own outdoor wooden features like planters, furniture, benches, or arches, then it’s important to keep them cleaned, maintained, and protected from the outdoor elements. Here are some tips for cleaning and protecting your outdoor wooden features.


Wooden Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is a great outdoor feature. With proper care and protection, it can last for a long time as well. Unfortunately though, after the good weather is gone, outdoor furniture is easily forgotten. However, properly cleaning your outdoor furniture once a year and being careful to store it away for the harsh winter months is a great way to keep your pieces in great condition for longer.


Wooden Planters

Wooden planters should also be cared for and stored away before the harsh weather hits. Keeping your wooden planters cleaned and protected with paint, stain, or sealant is a great way to help prevent the wood from rotting and deteriorating over time. High-quality wooden planters are often hard to come by so once you have them; you should do your best to ensure they last for years to come.



While house exteriors are usually well maintained, sheds are often neglected. While it may not hold the same value as your home, a shed can be costly to replace. Keeping your shed cleaned and cared for is a step in the right direction, and can help you to maintain the value of your home. A run down shed with rotting walls not only lowers the value of your property but can also serve as a potential hazard. Maintain your shed with yearly stain or paint touch-ups, and be sure to clean it every year with a wood-safe cleaner.  


Play Equipment

When it comes to maintenance, wooden play equipment such as swing sets or climbing structures are often overlooked. But since play structures are usually left out in the elements year round, they are exposed to all kinds of dirt and weather that can cause them to deteriorate quickly. Maintenance is important for extending the life of a play structure, as well as for safety. Keeping it well maintained will limit the amount of splinters that children can get, and will prevent the structure from becoming rotten and dangerous. Clean the wooden structure with a suitable wood cleaner, and treat it with water sealant to help keep water from soaking into the wood and causing premature damage and decay.


Wooden Arches

A wooden arch or trellis can make a great addition to a garden, and with proper care can last for years. While arches are generally low maintenance, they do require some routine care to keep them in good condition. Protecting the wood with water sealant on a regular basis is especially important, as is cleaning dirt and other debris from the wood. Be sure to tie back plants away from the arches when sealing or painting them.


For a green cleaning product that’s designed to clean outdoor wood, consider Green Ox Maxx, the powerful cleaner that’s designed to restore and revitalize weathered outdoor surfaces.


Image: Matthias Ripp

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