How to Restore Your Outdoor Toys

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Getting the mud, dirt, and grime off of your outdoor toys is important for prolonging their life.


Maintenance is one of the most important things you can do to help keep your recreational vehicles in great shape.

Sometimes though, we neglect our outdoor toys, leaving them to sit outside, unmaintained and exposed to the elements for too long.

If left unattended for extended periods though, outdoor vehicles and toys like RVs, trailers, ATVs, or boats can sustain serious damage. Seized bearings, flat tires, not to mention damage under the hood –like sparkplugs, batteries, filters, and cables –are all common effects of being left to sit outside for too long.

If you have a vehicle that’s sat for too long, and are looking to get it back into shape, here are some tips for cleaning your toy, helping to return it to its –almost original condition.


Inspect and Clean Moving Parts

If it moves, clean it. When it comes to outdoor equipment, there is a lot of potential for buildup, rust, and debris. With moving parts like bearings, it’s especially important to keep things clean and operating smoothly.

Hydraulic jacks, hinges, hitches, and other moving parts should be inspected and cleaned. This will help to prevent them from seizing up and becoming inoperable while you are on the road or in the process of using your equipment.

Depending on the type of trailer you have, you will also want to grease the bearings up to ensure that they are lubed correctly. Since bearings have grease, they automatically attract dirt, and for boat trailers that are constantly being put in and out of the water, the bearings should be greased periodically. If your trailer has sat for an especially long time, it may be time to have the bearings replaced.

Thoroughly cleaning all moving parts can help prevent rusting, and seizing up. You will also have a great opportunity to inspect the parts and determine whether they need replacing.


Cleaning the Vehicle

Now it’s time to clean the exterior of your vehicle, boat, or trailer. While washing the fiberglass or fenders is straightforward, it’s important to remember to use a cleaner that’s safe for the material that you’re using it on, as well as a sponge or brush that won’t scratch the surface.



Dirt and grime can build up and cause the oils from the road to stick to tires. This can cause your tires to wear out prematurely, and have less grip in the road. By taking a mild brush and scrubbing your tires you can help keep them looking and operating their best, year round. It is especially important to give your tires a good scrub down before they go into storage, or after they have been sitting for a long period of time. Scrub the wheels with a strong cleaning agent and a wheel cleaning brush.

For flat tires, try refilling them and see if they hold air. Often, tires that have lost more than twenty percent of their air will need to be professionally repaired or replaced.

While keeping up with regular maintenance is the best option, for vehicles that have sat for a long time, it’s important to thoroughly clean and remove dirt and grime, and scrub away rust. Not only will this help your vehicle or boat to look its best, it will help to prevent components from seizing up, and resulting in the need for replacement parts, and costly repairs.


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Image: Sungwon Kim

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